We all hide deep inside of us a beautiful Divine Essence called “Higher Self”, “Spirit”, etc. that we are able to communicate by using our intuition. Sometimes  the “noise of our mind”, our “expectations” and our “emotionality” distort the clear access and communication with our spirit.

In my sessions I connect with that Sacred Part of yours, that resides behind your personality, your expectations, your believes, your emotions,  in order to attain the information that you need to hear on that specific moment of your life, without any interference of any part that it is not your Higher – Sacred Self.

The information can cover all aspects and sectors of your life (usually depends on what exactly you want to know) and provides you with the necessary solution and guidance.

My Soul readings is a technique of self-knowing and self-improvement, that can help you discover the real reasons that influence the way you create your reality and make the changes you need in order to manifest a better quality of life.

The session is not a way to know the future (at least I am not focusing on that) but to know the best possible actions and steps you need to take now in order to create a better future.

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Our life is like a movie. The screen is our reality and the projector is our Self with everything that is carried in this and any other lives. It is impossible to change the screen if you do not change the projector. My sessions are suitable for the specific change of the projector; all you have to do is to be available to ¨listen¨ with an open mind – heart and honesty!